T500RS Brake Mod Kit

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For myself and apparently many others the stock T500RS "Realistic Brake Mod" isn't quite satisfactory... Thus, upon using my pedals for the first time I immediately came up with the idea to use some urethane skate board bushings. So far it works excellent for me and many others. The feel of the pedal after doing this is very similar to a load cell pedal and makes being consistent much easier. I am offering this simply because I think this is a great mod and because finding the proper bushings has proven difficult for some. (As does making the retaining plate)

This is now being offered as a kit which includes 4 bushings. Two 70 durometer bushings and two 60 durometer bushings should allow you to mix and match the bushings to create a pedal stiffness that is to your liking.

Your purchase gets you the following:

- Two 70 durometer RipTide urethane bushings
- Two 60 durometer RipTide urethane bushings
- Retaining plate

Installing the mod is simple and only takes a few moments. It installs using the Thrustmaster "Realistic Brake Mod" plate, the existing rubber and spring are removed and replaced by these bushings. The retaining plate is then secured using the original screws.

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