Pedal Filter Version 1 - Standard AND CSR (NOT Elite)

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I apologize, but due to numerous issues with items being lost in customs or extremely long shipping delays, I can no longer ship items to Brazil. I am working to find a better solution. However, for the time being, if an order is placed through my site with a shipping address in Brazil, the order will be canceled and refunded.

UPDATE! I've just confirmed that these will also fix issues when using Logitech pedals with the Fanatec wheels and adapter!

After battling my own pedals for ages, trying countless fixes which required disassembling and reassembling them (not fun), I was fully prepared to bite the bullet and spend over $200 on a set of pedals that weren't plagued by these issues. I created the filter you see here as a last ditch effort before doing so, on a breadboard. So amazed that it worked, I simply used it on the breadboard for months on end. After hearing many others complain of the same issues I was having, I decided I would try to help them out...

These boxes are hand made, assembled and tested by me personally. The top and front bezel are milled on my CNC machine, one at a time. The entire process takes about 30 minutes per unit...

Are your pedals worn out? Maybe they just don't work right... Maybe they don't work AT ALL... Would you like to use your base model pedals as a backup for your expensive pedals?

Well, you can reclaim the use of your pedals with this little black box:

It can fix the following and then some on your Standard and CSR (NOT Elite) pedals:

  • Pedals not recognized at all by wheel
  • Single pedal not working
  • More than one pedal "activating" when only pressing one
  • Inability to achieve full throttle/gas/brake
  • Jumpy inputs

These will NOT work with the ClubSport V1, ClubSport V2 or CSR Elite pedals.

While this device can be a great "insurance policy" on a new set of pedals... If you are having issues with a brand new set of pedals, please contact the manufacturer for assistance. You're pedals should come in proper working order from the manufacturer and should not immediately require the use of this device.

Here's what people are saying about this little box:

Instructions for use: PF1_Instructions.pdf

CSR standard pedal users click HERE!
Price: $22 - this includes an extra cable to connect the box and shipping to anywhere in the US. (See below for orders outside the US)

If you are not satisfied, you can return the undamaged box and cable for a full refund.

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