CPX Adapter Update

I have contemplated creating a new adapter for some time now. One that will accept any set of USB pedals on the market, rather than just Fanatec pedals. There are several reasons for this, one of the main being simplicity of use and compatibility of course. I'd also like the adapter to work with wheels other than just Thrustmaster. I have a prototype which works, and works quite well. However, there is a lot that goes into creating something like this and it takes time. How much time, at this point I cannot say. It will not be available before the end of this year.


Please double-check the shipping address and email address you are using on PayPal BEFORE ordering. It is your responsibility as the purchaser to provide the proper information at the time of purchase. I realize that for most people this is saved within PayPal. However, it is easy to go change. Please do so before ordering as it will save you time and me a lot of hassle and often money.

Thank you,


CPX Adapter

Introducing the CPX adapter from BasherBoards!

Firmware and Support


SFA1 - Shifter Adapter

Tired of waiting for the Clubsport Shifter? Do you have a USB shifter that you wish you could use with your Fanatec wheel? Now you can!

This simple device allows you to use USB shifters with your Fanatec wheel. That's all there is to it! Power for the device can be provided directly from your Xbox or PS3 console.

These are designed and hand built by myself, using only high quality components. Each one is fully tested before it goes out the door.

Purchase includes:

Pedal Filter Version 1 - Standard AND CSR (NOT Elite)

UPDATE! I've just confirmed that these will also fix issues when using Logitech pedals with the Fanatec wheels and adapter!

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